Impekstir Kalisz – Granite curbs, granite stonecube

Impekstir Kalisz – Supplier of high quality granite

We are very experienced leader among suppliers of granite. Our specialization includes prefabricated stone road building materials and products for the construction industry overall. We offer domestic and imported paving, curbs and stone slabs.


We deliver on time and conscientiously. Our clients are multinationals and the domestic construction companies. We are present on both infrastructure investments as well as commercial customers by providing the material with the technical specifications of the project.

Pacta sunt servanda – agreements should be kept – bearing in mind the Latin proverb, we are consistently enlarging market share, as well as the number of satisfied customers. Annual sales granite curb at 120,000.00 mb, severely cleaved granite at 25,000.00 tons, plates and flamed granite at 55,000.00 m2 – is an expression of the confidence placed in us by our clients.


As a experienced specialists we are perfectly know the specific nature of the contracts. We know that the requirement of us is to supply proceeded with scheduled, and make sure that the material was in the agreed quality and by the lowest price.

Why choose us?

Impekstir Company Policy

We work based on a 3 sentences formula : Cheapest, in place, on time. These requirements is able to cope only a stable company. Stable in terms of financial, human resources and inventory. As a direct importer of stones from China and distributor of material domestic and Swedish, we are able to deliver in a short time, large amounts of material.


Choosing our products, you are not only choosing the lowest price of the product. You are also sure that your contract will be implemented as agreed.