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We offer to our Clients granite slabs in a rich color version. Thanks to its utility properties, granite slabs are often used as a material for facades, floors and stairs. They are characterized by very high quality workmanship and outstanding aesthetic appeal. A wide range of solutions available to facilitate the implementation of any arrangement fantasy. We encourage you to familiarize yourself with our offer.

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Available in our offer granite slabs have a flat or non-slip surfaces. The former provide the highest aesthetic quality, as were subjected to a thorough sanding and polishing. Their high gloss gives a great effect on different areas – both private and public. An additional advantage of these products is the ease of maintenance – no need for performing accurate treatments. As for the stone slabs, which have undergone a process of flaming, hammering, sanding or hammering, they are used mostly in areas exposed to ice and water contact – ensure safety of movement and reduce the risk of falling on the stairs, terrace, driveway and in many other locations.

Granite plates lend elegance, durability and high quality internal and external surfaces (floors, sidewalks, facades).

Płyty granitowe

Granite slabs are often used in objects of public cladding walls and floors, they are extremely durable, resistant to damage and easy to keep clean.

The area with a thick texture (flame, hammering, graining, sand blasting).

Products with an area of thick texture, due to their high degree of slip resistance, they are used most often to the interpretation of surfaces such as sidewalks, patios, balconies, stairs.

Surface with fine texture (polishing, grinding).

The smooth surface of the slabs is obtained by thoroughly grinding and polishing stone until the perfectly smooth plane and gloss. Polished surface is very easy to keep clean and does not require special treatments.


Country of origin:

⁃    Poland
⁃    China

⁃    pallets

Granite plates offered by our company meet the requirements of DIN EN 1341: 2003.